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10 Reasons You Need A Dressmaker in 2020

#LoveIsland is back on our screens with the perfect male and female bodies, fashion, hashtags and styles. With memes around social media telling us all to love ourselves first and January diets left, right and centre.

In this day and age of 2020, why would you need a dressmaker if you can just buy it off the high street right? Or off those #Insta #Influencers?

Here’s Why…

1. Climate Crisis. Clothes made for the general high street stores no longer take quality into account. It’s a throw away world, that’s why you are paying so little, they aren’t made to last. But that’s ok when you will only wear it once, right? What about the planet?

Clothes that go into landfill are destroying the planet. We don’t want to be a part of that, we are already at crisis point.

Let’s redesign our wardrobes with the clothes we already have… Take them to a dressmaker, such as #Gamesby and watch her work magic.

2. Mend / Fix the clothes you currently own. Got a hole? A rip? Broken zip? No problem for a dressmaker.

3. Sustainability. A dressmaker can choose top quality fabrics and utilise their incredible skills to produce clothing that can be worn more than a handful of times. #Savetheplanet #slowfashion

4. Size. Stores seem to have different impressions of ‘standard’ sizes, go into one store and you could be a size 8-10, enter a different one and you are suddenly a size 10-12. However, what if you are different sizes all round? How do you find the perfect dress if you have a bigger bottom size to top?

A dressmaker can alter those clothes to your perfect size, with your own measurements, they can also create you your own clothes to your exact size… Magic.

5. Individuality. Do you follow fashion trends? Me neither. I want my clothes to shout “This is Me” and be practical at the same time. Do you love the #boho trend but can only find those type of clothes in the summer? How do you dress in the winter?

Well why don’t you take your imagined ideas to a dressmaker and let her design and create you that winter boho dress?

6. Wedding Dress. Are you getting married? How do you want your dress? Black? Red? Fairytale? Steampunk? Gothic? Sexy? The same as the Duchess of Sussex?

Again, take your dream gown ideas to a dressmaker and let her become your fairy godmother. Have your dress, your way.

7. Costume. Do you absolutely love #cosplay ? Comic Conventions? Or have a fancy dress event approaching?

Would you like a costume exactly like #Rey from #StarWars ?

See a dressmaker and you never know might win the #fancydress competition.

8. Lost / Gained Weight. With all these #newyearsresolutions and #diet or from the pigging out you done over the festive period.

See a dressmaker, they can alter everything you own.

9. Prom. #promseason isn’t too far off and your beautiful daughter doesn’t want a dress like the rest. She wants her own unique individual style and look radiant.

Have it made just for her by a dressmaker. Colour, style and fabric not a problem. So much choice.

10. Save Money. Stop wasting your hard earned cash on throw away rubbish. Build yourself a wardrobe that screams YOU, fits perfectly, lasts, looks glamorous and makes you feel like the goddess / god that you are.

Give Gamesby a shout for any of the above needs… We would love to work with you on your New Year makeover.

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