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Pink Blush Project - working progress

Moving forward with the Pink Blush dress project;

The progress of the dress is coming on adequately.

With the #silhouette, structure of the main bodice and #skirt perfected, we

can progress onto adding the fine details.

The lace applique pieces are, cut from a 3d lace piece of fabric, I acquired whilst out saucing for fabrics.

It was an interesting find, but for this project it is a bit too much when sewn up as one piece.

Cutting them out and placing them individually, gives you the freedom to, build a unique style to the dress.

I have added a bit of greenery with some delicate hand embroidery to look like a vine moving up the #bodice to create an #illusion of been wrapped up and enclosed in this wonderful cluster of #roses.

This #unique #fairytail #wedding #dress can be your perfect solution to your #exquisite live #fantacy event.

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