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The Pink Blush Project

Updated: May 28, 2020

The Design Process!

“Sat, aimlessly wondering what the future holds.

My Conscience is pricked by the scent of a pink Rose.

Its ruffles delight me, its definition excites me.

My senses awaken to the possibilities of new beginnings.

New challenges are on the arisen.

Oh, pink rose you have inspired me and brought forth eternal love of the beauty of life.”

Don’t you just love it when you get up on a morning and love what you do?

I feel elated and excited when I start a new project.

The Pink Blush dress is inspired by a pink rose in my garden.

The elegance and finery of it, is exquisite and a breath of fresh air.

I always start my projects with a sketch and a moodboard of what comes to mind when I’m day-dreaming about the inspired object I see in front of me.

This is the beginning of the design process.

Then comes my sketch, that will define the pattern, Sometimes I will be naughty and change things when constructing the pattern.

The patterning is the most important part of the process, the accurate the pattern is the easier the garment will stitch together.

"get this right and you are laughing".

The next stage is to cut out the different layers of fabric you choose to use, in this instance I will be using a silky stretch fabric with a soft sheen to it, a net fabric and calico for stability. when this task is completed I will then start to make up the bodice for the dress.

Stitching the layers together can be quite time consuming, because of the extra care that is needed to place the three types of fabric together.

For this project I will be positioning individual lace appliques, around areas of the bodice, sleeve and down specific areas of the skirt.

This is a sneak peek into the Pink Blush Project please stay tuned in to watch out, for further developments to the dress. Sue G,

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