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The Vagabond Rising

Far from the sky, this pilot

The Steampunk Vagabond Aviator wore her armour with pride. Her coat from different eras, different trends, mixed together and made just for her. A journey she had travelled, a story to tell in different fabrics. Her coat was special

one of a kind

When separated from a long coat to a midlength jacket she can move with ease. A perfect protection for the unpredictable English weather.

(Sue G.)

What is Steampunk?

I know what you’re thinking, what the heck is steampunk? And I wouldn’t judge you for asking that. In actual fact, there’s a strong possibility that you already know what Steampunk is, you just never knew the name.

Coined from sci-fi fiction novels, Steampunk was originally a way to distinguish tetro-tech, sci-fi writers from future loving “cyberpunks”, but is now so much more. Starting as a way of identifying people, Steampunk is now a bold, visual fashion style. All about mixing old with the new and incorporating modern technology with the design aesthetics of the Victorian age, Steampunk is an all-inclusive fashion sense that brings your creativity to your clothes. From head to toe, Steampunk fashion is a one-of-a-kind style that invites anyone to express themselves.

Steampunk style? There really are no boundaries to how you can dress when it comes to Steampunk, mashing up Victorian style with futuristic elements, the customisation possibilities for Steampunk style are endless.

As there are no boundaries, why not create your own Steampunk style at home?

DIY Steampunk

1. Alter the clothes you already own: draw from Victorian clothing, i.e – dresses, vests, coats, curtains and create your outfit from what you have already.

2. Incorporate gears and clockworks: think of vintage mechanical items and embellish your outfit with them i.e. bike gears, clock workings.

3. Statement, not subtle: it’s better to overdo than under do, express yourself, you want people to remember your outfit.

(Conor Ryan)

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